Soundtrack Showdown, presented by Tristellar Music

In our new podcast – Soundtrack Showdown we will take two of the greatest film scores in history, compare them against each other and try to pick a winner.

We love everything about soundtracks, making them, listening to them, digging into them to find out how they work. And we wanted to share that joy and knowledge in a podcast, but we had a problem. There are already a number of very good podcasts out there where experts sit down and break down scores in great detail. We love those podcasts, listen to them all the time, but the world doesn’t need to hear our take on how many times you hear the Imperial March in Star Wars and why it works.

So, we’ve taken a different approach. One that takes advantage of our unique situation as two active film composers from very different musical backgrounds. Every episode we will be comparing two film scores, or sometimes something from games or tv, and deciding which is the winner. As a result, we will go into much less detail than most other podcasts who will devote an hour or more to a single film. Instead we will be more practical, talking about how two different composers have approached similar scenes or characters, why their solutions work, how they differ, and which has been more influential on how you would compose for a film today. And of course, you get to listen to some of the best film/tv/game music ever written.

We think it’s a great format and look forward to developing it through the coming months and years.

Episode one is a pair of musical heavyweights as John Willliam’s Jaws & Bernard Herrmann’s Psycho are matched against each other. Who will be the winner? You have to listen to found out!

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